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Young's Family Market
Family Market

  1. Young's Family Market - Kingston, Ohio  Location
  2. Young's Family Market, Kingston, Ohio Gas Station
  3. Young's Family Store, Laurelville, Ohio location
  4. Young's Family Market, Laurelville, Ohio Location Gas Station
  5. Young's Family Market
  6. Young's Family Market
  7. Young's Family Market
  8. Young's Family Market
Young’s Family Market is family-owned and operated.  M.L. Young founded the grocery store in 1936 and now a new generation of Young's, Brad, Susan, and children operate the business.  Serving the Laurelville, Ohio, community for more than 60 years.  The Young's opened a second location in Kingston, Ohio in 2014.

Making shopping easy by offering everything you need, groceries, beer and wine, all under one roof.  No more running into town making numerous stops to get everything on your list.  Instead, visit our store and find it all!  We offer fresh, high-quality products  for  
affordable prices. We have greeting and all occasional cards.  We even stock all local vendors so you can save a trip to a nearby bigger town. 

Circle Bee Apiaries

Ben's Mustard & BBQ Sauce & Jellies

Two Roasting Joes Coffee

Johnny B's Sweet & Spicy Relish

Circle Bee Apiaries
Ben's Mustard
Two Roasting Joe's Coffee

Raven's Glen Wine

Grippo's Potato Chips

Ski & GEM Pop

Laurelville Cider & Apples

Raven's Glen Wine
Grippo's Potato Chips
Laurelville Cider & Apples
Ski Pop
Community involvement is very important to us. We actively support the communities we serve by donating to local organizations such as churches, and youth baseball leagues, and supporting events, including car shows.
We help out the local economy by hiring individuals in the community in need of employment. We support local businesses by selling their products in our stores.
Are you in need of a job? Stop into one of our two locations today and submit an application. We are always looking for hard-working, friendly individuals determined to do a good job.